HIPAA Privacy

All healthcare providers must take care to safeguard your information and in fact, are required to do so by Federal Law known as HIPAA Privacy Regulations. You've probably already signed HIPAA paperwork at your doctor's office, hospital or pharmacy.

Please know that any information you provide will only be used to adjudicate your medical bill and not for any marketing purposes.

Further information on HIPAA Privacy Regulations can be found at: www.hhs.gov/ocr/hipaa



We're here to help to clarify some of the questions that you might have regarding the billing you have received from a Pathologists or Radiologists office. As medical billing continues to get increasingly complex, our goal is to help you understand your bill as much as possible...at your convenience.

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Please excuse us while we protect your private information.

To better protect your information we try to verify that anyone inquiring about your bill is authorized to do so, much like when you call on your credit card bill. Verification consists of a series of qualifying questions that only the patient or someone charged with handling their medical care would reasonably know. If all the questions are not answered correctly, we cannot discuss protected information. We realize that this may create additional complications and we apologize for any frustration it may cause.